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(Waveguide Frequency Guide)

Type Description Data Sheet
Flanges MEC FLATGUIDE? Flanges & Waveguide T22D
Waveguide Extrusions, Standard Double Ridge MIFA Standard Double Ridge Waveguide Stock T111
Flange Stock Extrusions, Double Ridge MIFA Flange Stock Double Ridge Waveguide T113
Gaskets Pressure T55C
RF Seal Available Upon Request
Straights - T34E
E-bends Formed bends T34E
Machined bends Available Upon Request
Cast bends Available Upon Request
H-bends Formed bends T34E
Machined bends Available Upon Request
Cast bends Available Upon Request
Twists Formed twists T34E
Machined twists Available Upon Request
Cast twists Available Upon Request
Waveguide, Flexible Seamless T21E
Twistable T21E
Waveguide to Waveguide Transitions Double Ridge to Double Ridge T8F
Double Ridge to Rectangular T8F
Waveguide to Coax Adapters Double-Ridge Waveguide-to-Coaxial adapters, Satandard T7E
End-Launch T74B
Attenuators Fixed Available Upon Request
Variable Available Upon Request
Terminations and Dummy Loads Matched Medium Power T9E
High Power T9E
Fan Cooled T9E
Water Cooled T9E
Water Loads T9E
  Mismatched Fixed T26C
Sliding T26C
Couplers Cross-Guide @
Directional T12E
High Directivity T12E
Power Samplers T15E
Sidewall T91A
Magic Tees and Hybrids - T14F
Circulators and Isolators - T38D
Delay Lines - T27D
Pressure Windows - T13E
Sliding Shorts - Available Upon Request
Reflectometer Test Sets - T80A
Waveguide Stands and Clamps - Available Upon Request

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