The Company

Microwave Engineering Corporation is a custom-engineering and manufacturing firm dedicated to providing industry leading advanced passive components and transmission lines for microwave systems.  Due to our decades of experience, M.E.C. is familiar with virtually all transmission line systems in operation today.  We offer a wide spectrum of products ranging from off-the-shelf test equipment to complex custom assemblies developed using cutting-edge software.  Additionally, M.E.C. provides a suite of R&D, system design, theoretical studies, field-installation and technical consulting services.  M.E.C. has a proven track-record, broad product and service line, and highly experienced personnel, all of which are utilized in support of our customers.

Our Team

Microwave Engineering Corporation has a closely-knit work-force and many of our employees have worked here for several decades.  M.E.C. fosters the free flow of ideas amongst its employees and promotes the need to work smart.  Management is fluid, agile, and responsive to an ever-changing load distribution amongst the company’s different work centers.   M.E.C.’s labor force is made up of specialized engineers, outstanding technicians, machinists and Quality personnel who have a comprehensive understanding of the task at hand and of customer needs and requirements. The tremendous experience of our personnel allows them to routinely perform a wide range of tasks in order to optimize production.  Practicing effective teamwork allows us to focus on what truly matters, customer satisfaction.  If this sounds like you, please check out our Careers page.


With roots dating back to 1968 in North Andover, Massachusetts, Microwave Engineering Corporation is one of the original developers of broad band, high power devices, which gained worldwide preeminence in modern electronic warfare and electronic counter measure systems.  M.E.C. has since acquired two competitors, Datron’s Tech Systems and SierraCom, which significantly expanded the range of products that we now offer to our customers.  We continue to fabricate, support and expand all of Datron’s Tech System’s products in addition to several of SierraCom’s complementary high-power components and antenna products.

Despite a highly competitive environment, M.E.C. continues to thrive.