Coax to Coax Transitions

This page describes M.E.C.’s most commonly used 50 W coaxial connectors.  The C30 series are well matched transitions between any two of these connectors and are optimized based on given frequency, power level, and other requirements.  These units are commonly used for precise RF testing and in high power applications.  Besides transitions, M.E.C. incorporates these connectors in other components described elsewhere, such as waveguide to coaxial adapters, couplers, mismatches, and terminations.

Since M.E.C. designs and manufactures these connectors and transitions directly into the end product, we offer our customers flexibility to optimize frequency band, VSWR, loss, power handling, or pressure requirements without being limited by a set of fixed configurations.

Double-Ridge Waveguide & Flanges

M.E.C. maintains a complete inventory of aluminum flanges and waveguide extrusion from 1 to 40 GHz in Double-Ridge and in MEC FLATGUIDE ®.

Available flanges include all combinations of cover or gasket faces with tapped, clearance, alternate or captive holes.  These flanges, which had long been the industry standard, are incorporated in MIL-F-39000/3B for Double-Ridge and MIL-F-3922/75B for MEC FLATGUIDE®. Additionally, M.E.C. has developed many special-purpose flanges such as metrics, quick-disconnects, and slim line styles for tight quarters.

Also available are waveguide extrusions such as those listed in MIL-W-23351/4B for Double-Ridge and MIL-W-85/4C for MEC FLATGUIDE®, as well as flexible waveguide and other sizes custom-designed by M.E.C. for specific frequency bands and characteristics.