M.E.C. maintains a complete inventory of aluminum flanges and waveguide extrusion from 1 to 40 GHz in Double-Ridge and in MEC FLATGUIDE ®.

Available flanges include all combinations of cover or gasket faces with tapped, clearance, alternate or captive holes.  These flanges, which had long been the industry standard, are incorporated in MIL-F-39000/3B for Double-Ridge and MIL-F-3922/75B for MEC FLATGUIDE®. Additionally, M.E.C. has developed many special-purpose flanges such as metrics, quick-disconnects, and slim line styles for tight quarters.

Also available are waveguide extrusions such as those listed in MIL-W-23351/4B for Double-Ridge and MIL-W-85/4C for MEC FLATGUIDE®, as well as flexible waveguide and other sizes custom-designed by M.E.C. for specific frequency bands and characteristics.