Hybrid couplers, or 3-dB couplers, are four-port passive components widely used to divide or combine input RF and microwave signals. As a divider, the hybrid coupler divides an input signal equally into two output ports, while the fourth port is isolated from the input port, which receives a negligible fraction of input power. Also, the split signals are in quadrature (90 degrees) or opposite phase (180 degrees) with each other.  Therefore, these parts are commonly called 90 degrees hybrids or 180 degrees hybrids. When used as a combiner, two input signals in quadrature or opposite phase are connected to two isolated ports of the hybrid and the combined signal is received at the third port. The fourth port, which is typically terminated with loads, will receive negligible amount of combined signal.

While most hybrids of this type are mass-produced using stripline PC-board dielectric and photo-etching techniques, they are not suitable for high power applications because of their thin metal traces and the low thermal conductivity of the PC-board.

M.E.C.’s 504 Series hybrids are designed using low loss dielectric materials and conductors with more rugged internal circuitry, resulting in higher power handling, lower losses, and greater stability over temperature extremes. Due to their outstanding electrical characteristic and superior construction, M.E.C.’s 504 Series hybrid couplers have been selected for the harshest environments of ECM systems onboard many of the most advanced military platforms. They exceed the requirements of MIL-E-5400 for non-conditioned compartments and have undergone extensive qualification testing including high power, temperature, altitude, vibration, shock, humidity, salt-spray, sand, and dust testing.

EH504-240 and EH504-242 are two new additions to M.E.C.’s 504 Series hybrid family. They utilize tandem hybrid designs and have very high-power handling capability. For EH504-240 and EH504-242, a dual directional coupler is integrated together for the convenient monitoring of output power and match.

504 Series coaxial hybrids are available with many options; including internal terminations, pressure sealing, higher power versions, and a large assortment of coaxial connectors and mechanical configurations. They may also be networked together into integral N-way divider/combiner assemblies for high power summing and phased-array applications.

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