M.E.C.’s Standard Length 80-L Series, Ultra-Short 80-LU Series, and Communications and Narrow Band 80-LA Series terminations consist of precision aluminum waveguide containing rugged material specially selected and designed to absorb incident power with very low reflection.

These units are ideal for laboratory and field measurements and production setups requiring high quality terminations.  Additional features are short length and light weight.  Typical applications include VSWR measurement of waveguide components, low power dummy antennas, and matched terminations for directional couplers, hybrids and other devices.

All units have a chemical film finish per MIL-C-5541, Class 3, followed by gray epoxy enamel.  A power sampling probe can be supplied as a separate unit with any of the terminations.  Typical flatness is ± 0.5 dB across the entire band for sampling levels from 30 to 50 dB.