M.E.C.’s rectangular waveguide straight sections are useful for field and laboratory applications where low VSWR and insertion loss are required and can be supplied in lengths of up to 12 feet.  The waveguide conforms to MIL-W-85.  Bends and twists may be used alone or in combination for systems packaging.  Straights, bends, and twists are normally supplied with UG cover flanges.  However, choke, CPR, CMR, and other flanges are available upon request.  The VSWR of standard waveguide models is typically 1.03:1, with a maximum of 1.05:1 over the full waveguide band.  Units are available in aluminum or copper.  Aluminum units receive chromate conversion finishing per MIL-C-5541, Class 3, while copper units receive corrosion-resistant coatings.  All units are coated in gray enamel paint on external, non-mating surfaces.