M.E.C.’s R600 and R620 Series ultra-flat directional couplers are compact, in-line devices with extremely flat coupling over octave bands or up to the full waveguide range.  Coupling falls off sharply above the fundamental frequency band, making these units more suited to power sampling in systems where harmonic energy is non-negligible, such as in wideband TWT outputs.  By discriminating against harmonic power, these units result in greater sampling accuracy compared to cross-guides and other coupler types.

M.E.C. can finely tailor the coupling response to yield optimal flatness, directivity, unit-to-unit tracking, or even exhibit a tilt across the band, making these versatile couplers useful for system and laboratory applications.

Standard flanges are cover with tapped holes.  Material is aluminum.  Finish is chromate conversion per MIL-C-5541, Class 3 and paint is gray epoxy enamel.