Power dividers with precise amplitude and phase control are available in waveguide, coaxial, and slab line configurations tailor-made to the customer’s requirements.  A wide range of power dividing components are utilized to achieve best over-all performance.  Typical TEM mode devices selected include quadrature couplers, split-tee dividers, and rat race rings; waveguide devices include cross guide, sidewall, broadwall, and branch line couplers, as well as magic tee hybrids.

M.E.C.’s for handling special designs and requirements of the customer are enhanced by extensive experience in moderate and high power networks, in-house design, manufacture, and testing flexibility, computer-aided design of components and simulation of over-all performance, advanced machining capabilities for accurate reproducibility, and tight tolerance control.  These assets coupled with power divider and antenna expertise enable M.E.C. to offer integrated sub-assemblies for specialized customer requirements.  The principal advantage is that performance can be optimized to  the application and interaction between discrete circuits can be eliminated.  Other advantages include size and weight reduction.

Some of these dividers are described below.  Each of these dividers have been developed for a specific application and serve to illustrate M.E.C.’s versatile capability.