Corrugated Conical Horn Antennas

M.E.C.’s wide flare corrugated conical horn antennas produce nearly constant and equal E and H-plane beamwidths over broad frequency bands. Beamwidths can range from 20 to 70 degrees. These units also feature very low side and cross polarized lobes and low internal losses.

M.E.C.’s narrow flare corrugated conical horn produces frequency dependent, equal E and H-plane beamwidths over an octave beamwidth. Beamwidths can range from 7 to 40 degrees.

The corrugations in these horns modify wall impedance to excite a hybrid mode (HE11) and produce an aperture field nearly identical in all planes. Due to their circular symmetry, these horns support any polarization.

Circularly Polarized Horn Antennas

M.E.C.’s circularly polarized horn antennas offer frequency coverage of an octave or more with symmetrical E and H-Plane beamwidths. Standard gain units (9 dBi) have a nominal beamwidth of 60° and incorporate a hemispherical fiberglass radome. High gain units (15 dBi) have a conical  flare to increase the gain 6 dB, hence the nominal beamwidth is 30°. All types are pressurized to 15 psig.

All units offer lower VSWR, high power handling and are suitable for military airborne applications.

Narrow band units with improved VSWR and axial ratio can be supplied. Broader bandwidths and other lengths are also available on request.

Linearly Polarized Horn Antennas

M.E.C. offers several types of linearly polarized horn antennas covering bandwidths of an octave of more with your choice of waveguide or coaxial inputs.  Construction is aluminum with chromate conversion finish per MIL-C-5541, Class 3, and epoxy enamel paint.  Typical examples are listed below. Other frequency bands and various input connectors may be specified.