EMC Antenna Systems

M.E.C. manufactures a family of HIRF (High Intensity Radiated Fields) horn antennas covering 1-18 GHz for EMC testing.  The full 1-18 GHz spectrum is divided into five bands: 1-2 GHz, 2-4 GHz, 4-6 GHz, 8-12 GHz, and 12-18 GHz.  Except for the 12-18 GHz band which is a single horn antenna, the rest of the bands use 3-dimensional horn arrays to focus the field intensity at a distance of 1-meter from the antennas.  All the horn elements, power dividers, and cables are phase matched to ensure maximum field intensity can be achieved at the focal point for the given amount of input power.  Our 3-dimensional array focusing technology allows us to achieve the Category-L field intensity level in EMC testing.

  • High Field Intensity
  • High Power
  • Broadband











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