Quartz Vacuum Windows

M.E.C.’s quartz vacuum windows are ideal for vacuum and pressure-tight applications.  The dielectric window is comprised of high-temperature quartz, brazed directly to a low-CTE KOVAR frame, to maintain a vacuum-tight seal over a wide temperature range without using epoxies or adhesives. These windows withstand 15 PSI of differential pressure in either direction and handle high peak, average, and CW power levels.

  • Hermetic
  • Low VSWR
  • High Power


Note: Flange combinations include cover/cover, cover/groove, or groove/groove pattern, with thru-holes in both UG, CPR and CMR styles.

Order and Sales Information

(1) EXAMPLE: K270Q-1-2-S

  • “K270Q” is the model number.
  • “-1” is the input flange*
  • “-2” is the output flange*
  • “-S” is the material finish**

*Input/Output Flange Suffixes: Cover: “-1” / Gasket: “-2” / CMR: “-3” / CPR F: “-4” / CPRG: “-5”

**Material Finish Suffixes: Gold Plated: “-G” / Silver Plated: “-S” / KOVAR Base Metal “-K”

(2) Narrower bands with lower VSWR and insertion loss are available upon request.

(3) Alternate configurations and additional high power cooling options are also available upon request.  All customer designs are welcome.