Standard Gain Horn Antennas

M.E.C.’s 390-SG Series standard gain horn antennas are built to the sizes established in NRL Report No. 4433.1  These units are typically used to calibrate other antennas, as receiving or transmitting antennas, and as pick-up horns for field sampling.  A calibration curve is provided with each unit, calculated per the theory established and used by NRL.2  Material is aluminum with chromate conversion finish per MIL-C-5541, Class 3, and gray epoxy enamel.

  • > Full Waveguide Band
  • Rugged & Lightweight
  • Gain Curves Supplied


Order and Sales Information

(1) Other sizes, configurations, and flanges are available upon request.  Please contact M.E.C. directly with your specific requirements.


(1) Published in “Electronics” July 1955 pp 150-157 by W.T. Slayton

(2) E.H. Braun. “Some Data for the Design of Electromagnetic Horns”, “IRE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation”, vol. AP-4, no.1, pp 29-31, Jan. 1956.