Double-Ridge to Coax Adapters (End-Launch)

M.E.C.’s RE40 Series state-of-the-art end launch adapters fulfill the need for in-line units with broadband capability.  Their unique design combines a low profile with short length, low loss, and low VSWR.

These units possess a special, inherent ability to operate over a multi-octave band at high power levels, making them ideal for use in EW/ECM applications where transmission line routing space is in high demand.

  • Broad Band (Octave or Greater)
  • Low VSWR
  • High Power


Order and Sales Information

(1) Add the following suffixes to the model number to specify connector and power:

    • “-3” for SMA Female / “-T” for TNC Female / “-N” for type N Female
    • “-3M” for SMA Male / -TM” for TNC Male / “-NM” for type N Male
    • “-7” for precision 7 mm / “-SC” for SC Female / “-SCM” for SC Male
  • POWER: “-P” for high power levels, namely:
    • “SC” to 8.2 GHz-800 W average
    • “N” to 6 GHz-600 W average (derate linearly to 300 W @ 18 GHz)
    • “TNC” to 18 GHZ-200 W average
    • “SMA” to 18 GHz-50 W average
  • EXAMPLE: Model number RE43-SC-P is a WRD-200D24 double-ridge waveguide to SC female coaxial connector rated at 800 W average power.

(2) Other flanges, connectors, and frequency ranges are available upon request.  Alternate tapped cover flange is standard.

(3) Single-ridge waveguide is also available on special request.

  • EXAMPLE: Frequency 2.6 – 5.2 GHz, VSWR 1.10, Length 1.30″

(4) Please contact M.E.C. with your specific requirements.  All customer designs are welcome.