Rectangular Waveguide to Coax Adapters (Standard)

By using broadband matching techniques, M.E.C.’s 40 Series Adapter allows for the transmission of power in either direction with very low reflection.  VSWR over the full band is maxed out at 1.04 for most models, or as limited by the type of coaxial connector used.  We can make high power adapters up to the power rating of the requested connector.  Custom designs for fractional and broad band, in-line, half-height, or other special variations are available.  Assemblies are furnished with an aluminum housing and finished with chromate conversion per MIL-C-5541, Class 3, painted with gray epoxy enamel on external, non-mating surfaces.

  • Lowest VSWR: 1.04:1 Maximum
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Complete Line: 1.0 - 40.0 GHz


Order and Sales Information

(1) SPECIFY CONNECTOR:  Add the following suffix to the model number to specify connector:

  • “-3” for SMA Female / “-T” for TNC Female / “-N” for type N Female
  • “-3M” for SMA Male / -TM” for TNC Male / “-NM” for type N Male
  • “-7” for precision 7 mm / “-SC” for SC Female / “-SCM” for SC Male

(2) VSWR Maximum: “B” for 1.06 / “C” for 1.10 / “P” (see High Power Option)

(3) HIGH POWER Option: (VSWR: 1.20:1 maximum / 1.15:1 typical) “-P” for high average power determined by connector as follows:

  • “SC” to 8.2 GHz – 800w
  • “N” to 8.2 GHz – 600w (de-rate linearly to 300w at 18 GHz)
  • “TNC” to 18 GHz – 200w
  • “SMA” to 18 GHz – 50w

(4) FRACTIONAL BANDWIDTH:   “L” for lower half / “M” for middle half / “H” for upper half

EXAMPLE: Model x40-7AL=WR90 to 7 mm coaxial adapter with VSWR of 1.04:1 maximum over the frequency range 8.2–10.0 GHz

(5) Please contact M.E.C. with your specific requirements.  All customer designs are welcome.