Cross-Guide Couplers

M.E.C.’s 90 Series cross-guide couplers have specially-designed coupling apertures that produce flat coupling over the full frequency band and are traditionally symmetrical, four-port devices, with either arm capable of being used as the main line.  However, these units can be customized to include built-in terminations, integral coaxial adapters, and terminated dual secondary arms (dual-directional couplers).

Additionally, these rugged, moderate-directivity couplers are ideal where the high-directivity of longer broad-wall multi-hole couplers (160 Series) is not required.  Due to their compact design and simple construction, these units have been accepted and used in a wide variety of microwave applications including, but not limited to, injection, reflection measurement, attenuation, and isolation.


Assemblies are furnished in an aluminum housing, chromate conversion finished per MIL-C-5541, Class 3, and painted with gray epoxy enamel on external non-mating surfaces.

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Internal Termination


  • Coupling: 20, 30, 40, 50 dB
  • Coupling Mean: ±  0.5 dB
  • Frequency Sensitivity:
    • 20 = ± 1.2 dB max.
    • 30 = ± 1.0 dB max.
    • 40 = ± 0.8 dB max.
    • 50 = ± 0.6 dB max.
  • Directivity: Typically 18 dB min.
  • VSWR:
    • Waveguide Ports:   1.05:1 max.  / 1:10:1 max. (for 20 dB)
    • Coaxial Ports: 1.20:1 max. std. / 1.10:1 and 1.05:1 available

Order and Sales Information

(1) Add the following suffixes to the model number to specify built-in termination, coaxial connector, coupling level, and connector type:

  • Built-in secondary arm termination:”-L”
  • Coupling Output Connector: “-C”
  • Coupling Level:     “-20” for 20dB,   “-30” for 30dB,   “-40” for 40dB,   “-50” for 50dB
  • Connector type:
    • “-17” for SSMA female        “-N” for type N female    “-T” for TNC female
    • “-3” for SMA female             “-7” for precision 7 mm
  • Refer to Coaxial Connector Data Sheet for a full listing of available connectors and specs.

(2) Other flanges, coupling values, directions of coupling, multiple coupling arms, reduced height waveguide, and custom designs are available on request.  All customer designs are welcome.